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A taste of city(zen) in action! Let the taste talk

This discussion will address the future of food ecosystems of 21st Century African Cities. What is the impact of migration of traditional food producers into big cities and cities growing bigger into farming lands around it? Can urban farming offer a sustainable alternative? How much does the city life change our diets and how is that affecting rural producers?


Following this Talk, participants will be invited to join one of the two break out discussions:

1_ Food Systems in Africa 


We will be looking at food’s behavior from farm to plate, what’s the role of us Africans in dictating our food systems starting from our daily diets to our food policy agenda. 

2_ Youth and Agriculture

Discussion lead by Mamadou Hady Sow

With high youth concentrations in African Cities, it would be difficult to discuss food and cities without discussing the role of youth. This discussion will drift into the role that young people can take on to ensure the future of agriculture in Africa.