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Morning Introduction African Crossroads 2018 Collaboration #1 and #2

Learning from Lamu: Water, Urban Transformation & African Heritage

With over 70% of Africa’s major cities and capitals situated next to water, water is an asset and ‘water cities’ are becoming the emerging urban landscape.

Lamu Island, which is Kenya’s oldest continually inhabited town and Swahili settlement believed to have been established since the late 14th century. Its strategic location on the African continent and proximity to water as infrastructure enabled Lamu to serve as a major historic port, agriculture area and trading post for the Arabian and Far East relationships with Africa.

The Kenyan National Government revealed its ambitious plan to develop a $360 billion project in Lamu county called Lamu Portal South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET). This will include a new port city, a special economic zone, a resort and railways, which could make Kenya a major continental hub to the rest of the world through Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Kunlé Adeyemi (Architect and Urban Researcher) and Azza Satti (Cultural Producer) take on the challenge to explore and observe the ongoing changes in Lamu in regards to water and urban transformation, and how that affects the Swahili heritage of Lamu Town.

African sounds – Egypt/Tunisia by Malek Maazoun

The video is composed of a succession of music samples recorded in Alexandria with our Egyptian and Tunisian musicians and singers following the example of the project Mix the city. The difference we want to bring to our production is the collaboration between different nationalities working together on the same sound (here Tunisia and Egypt for the pilot) which recalls the concept of Playing for Change pushed to the point where people are geographically brought together. Finally, we will create an actual music based on these recordings and film a music video in the city of Alexandria in the spirit of Les Rythmes de la Medina.