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Content Policing in Africa

How Censorship and Government Regulation in Africa is affecting Content Creation in a Digital Era.

Moderated by Joram Mwinamo

Panelists: Ayeta Wangusa, Lucky Aroni, Hannah Osunsina, Rim Menia

Many African countries are undergoing various transitions. Some are recording great progress, especially on the economic front while others are experiencing regime changes that usher in better or less autocratic leaders. Some of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa. However, one area where the continent seems to be regressing in, is in the media, journalism and content creation space. Even the most progressive economies on the continent seem to be developing one form or another of increased regulation, taxation of digital platforms or censorship of content that is distributed either in traditional or digital media channels. How are content creators, especially those that develop content that is critical of governments or challenging to traditional or religious cultural norms coping with this curtailing environment? This session will explore the challenges experienced in different regions in Africa and how content creators are circumventing or bypassing the challenges to have their messages reach their targeted audiences.